Vice President - Regions

Jackson Harding
Vice President Regions
Jackson plays a vital role within the VATSIM regional team. He has been apart of VATSIM for a long period of time and has held Division Director and Regional Director before being appointed to Vice President Of Regions.

Regional Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Alan Cooke
Regional Director (VATOCE1)
Alan joined VATSIM in 2011 and was part of the UK Division. Since joining he has been part of Asia, and Europe Regional Staff. Alan was appointed as Oceania Regional Director in April 2018.
Ray Lang
Deputy Regional Director (VATOCE2)
Ray has been part of Vatsim since 2004. He was a member of VATPAC Division. When VATNZ was established in 2006 Ray transfer to the new Division where he continues in his many roles within VATSIM. Ray joined the regional team in 2015.
Paul Tyquin
Regional Membership Director (VATOCE3)
Paul joined VATSIM in 2011 within the VATASIA region. In 2015 he transferred to VATPAC where he was apart of the board. Paul Joined the regional team in 2017.

Pilot Training Department

The regions Pilot Training Department ( PTD ) handles all training materials, procedures and exams for members of the VATSIM community to ascertain their Pilot Ratings.

Pilot Training Staff

Regional Conflict Resolution Panel

The Regional Conflict Resolution Panel is made up of 3 key members of the region that hears appeals of decisions made by Divisional Conflict Resolution Managers.

Regional Conflict Resolution Panel

Andrew Moseley
Greg Barber
RCRP Member
Oliver Holmwood
RCRP Member

Australia Pacific Division

Division Director: Scott Thorpe

DCRM: Shannon Wells

New Zealand Division

Division Director: Andrew Moseley

DCRM: Ray Lang